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How Does This Work?

New clients frequently ask, “So, how does this work?” Our design service provides a collaborative experience through which we work together to frame the steps of a successful design project in a way that will meet your particular needs.


Click the Read more link below for a brief description of the steps in the design process. Although much more goes into every step, this will give you a general idea of the process so you can be prepared to ask the right questions from the start.  

What do you get?

At John Michael Graphics, you will get a design created by a professional with a wealth of experience in print, web and digital media.We work with large clients, like Fortune 500 companies and top consumer brands worldwide, as well as small businesses and agencies.


Owned and operated by John Christiana, John Michael Graphics has been building great client relationships for more than 10 years. For more information on John Christiana, check out the Learn more link below.


Digital no longer just means web, mobile or social. It means interfaces, countless screen types and real human interaction. If you have a screen, then we will design, develop and create the experience that you, your business and your users need.


We put a lot of work into making this look easy by providing wireframe solutions, content strategy and information architecture, as well as excellent design aesthetics.

Logo Identity | Branding

Your identity means everything. It is the face of your business – it defines who and what you are.


John Michael Graphics specializes in innovative branding and identity that effectively conveys your image and goals. Each identity we create turns words and concepts into designs that capture the spirit of you and your company, the clarity of your brand, the purpose of your organization and the passions of you as an individual.


Print is not dead, contrary to popular belief. We still live in a world where we interact with printed materials every day of our lives. Our decisions as consumers are still influenced by tactile experiences.


However, print is evolving. Today printed materials need energetic design, lively composition, vivid colors and eye-popping graphics in order to grab the attention of readers who are accustomed to vibrant digital materials.


John Michael Graphics is not only a pioneer in new and emerging digital technologies, but also a forerunner in developing cutting-edge printed materials that will be competitive in the new digital environment.

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